Itunes before the blur

Went to our friend’s new Restaurant opening tonight in Richmond. It was packed with locals which bodes well and it was nice to see their hard work pay off.

Off to China on Friday AM and so much to get done before I hit the road. I’m actually looking forward to this trip and I’ll try to post pictures as I can. I use to travel so much when I worked at Bosch/CEC that it became routine. Now I travel a couple weeks out of the year instead of some 200 days and I keep getting to go to cool new places. It is also very different being a owner instead of an employee. You have to ask is the week in China worth the time? I’ll let you know after I visit the worlds 4th largest trade show and meet a host of potential vendors.

So, I’ve been getting my tunes in order this week for my 15 hour flights and here are my latest acquisitions from Itunes:
– P!nk – I’m not dead – She has matured a lot on this album and you can hear it in songs like, “Dear Mr. President”. It is worth the listen.
– Tristan Prettyman – Needs another listen before I comment.
– KT Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope – Worth buying for the jems like Stoppin’ the Love, but there is pop crap like “Other side of the world,” too. Look she can crank Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by her self – live on the Today Show. Until I can do that I’ll shut up and enjoy the majority of the good. Plus she went to Boarding school in the states, is Scottish, and played the streets of Burlington VT…need I say more.
– Eric Lindell – Change in the Weather – Buy it…this boy can play and if you like R&B/Blues you’ll want to own this album. He will be on my fly to NYC to catch a show list as you can tell he puts on a show.
– Spoons – Gimme Fiction – no comment
– Frou Frou – Details – Good chilling music. Rolf you bastard got me into Electronica and I like it more and more… Next thing you know I’ll be listening to Ramstein(dam Germans).
– Feist – Let it Die – A great voice with some interesting compositions but I don’t love it yet.
– Singles:
o Billy Miles – Sunshine – just go buy it. It is infectious. It just loops in your head all day.
o Owsley – Undone – ok its over played but I like it
o Shemekia Copeland – Livin’ On Love – Think Smokey blues bar in Chicago
o Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky – Iron & Wine meets JT
o Stina Nordenstam – Winter Killing – small voice, heavy production, but great lyrics, and it works

OK. Off to bed before I turn into a Vampire. Oh, and the Yankees won.