One bag?

Do you ever get the urge to sell all you shit and just get all your belongings down to one bag? I currently have that urge. Sell all my pointless stuff and go travel for a year. It started with this irrational urge to move to Dublin, Ireland. I’ve moved quite a bit in my life but not since I settled in Burlington back in 2001. Five years has just flow by.

I love Burlington and more and more of my friends are moving here. Welcome Glenn and Juliana who punched out of NYC/Brazil to join us in the green mountains. Almost my entire college crew is back in VT. The only one we are missing is Sarah and she and Greg just bought a weekend house in Fayston, VT. So, I’m pretty dam close to 100%.

But I still have this urge to go do a walk about. I’d start in New Zealand and working my way west through Asia to Europe.

If you’re in VT you can catch our new radio ads on WNCS and WIZN. Pls. let me know what you think and I’ll try to get them posted here for folks out of state to hear as well. My plan was to launch 6 new web sites in the middle of our busy season! If I get three done I’ll be lucky. Add three new staff and it makes for a busy fall. You can check out the first radio mini site at

First party of the fall is Sat. Sept. 23 @ 8p to introduce folks to my new roomies.