New House in South Burlington

Here is a shot of the front of my new place at the Cider Mill in South Burlington. I should be moving in early June. I’m looking forward to downsizing and no maintenance of the condo association. After seven years of home projects most weekends I’m looking forward to just being on the boat and watching someone else mow my lawn.  I’ll miss being able to walk downtown but open windows and bike paths have won out. If you asked me two years ago If I’d move to suburbia I would have laughed at you. With  my current work and travel schedule  I’m going to give my hammer a rest for a bit.

It has been great to work with Mary Pat and Jen at Milot Real Estate as they have made this super easy which in between trips to Ireland and Chicago made this all possible. Plus I would have never thought of living in South Burlington unless Jay Strausser my Real Estate agent nudged me to take a look. I’m very glad I did as it is funny how your geography becomes limited to where you regularly drive.

It has been fun to pick out all the finish details and not have to do any of the work. That happily sunk in Sunday as I picked 6 interior paint colors that I’m not going to have to lift a brush for. Compared to the several month’s of evenings and weekends it took me to paint Willard I could not be happier. There will still be plenty of fun projects to do but I’m going to leave them for rainy weekends when I can’t be on the boat.