Video Camera Canon HG10

Amazon makes my life easy. They get it. I’ve been thinking about getting a Video camera for a while. Yes I’m interested in posting clips on YouTube and messing with iMovie but what really got me going was my Gram. I need to get her on Video before she goes. It kills me that I don’t have any footage of my other three Grandparents and I don’t think my folks do as well. So, I’m going to because life is short and I’d love to capture more of it. I know I can barely bother to carry around my tiny Cannon Elph but I have learned to, everyday in my brief case.

So, I did a ton of research. Bought and lost a cheap video camera while I was in Hong Kong but Amazon was my best resource. Better than cnet or any other site because it has tons of credible reviews. Reviews from fellow Mac users who would warn if you could actually use the camera with iMovie.

It arrives tomorrow and while I don’t promise pretty video. I’ve entered a new era of Video.