Road Warrior: Sprint USB Modem

My IT guys hate me. I have a Mac. I know enough to be dangerous. I’m the pain in the ass person that makes them try new things. Last week they gave me a Sprint Mobile Broadband USB modem to test. It changed my life on the road. I had high speed access everywhere. No more Boingo. No more paying for hotel wireless. I saved $30 on my last trip alone. So, now everyone who is on the road at MWG will be getting one. In the day in age where no flight is on time this Sprin, mot USB modem is a game changer for me. So, if you travel you should take a hard look at a broadband modem.

One thought on “Road Warrior: Sprint USB Modem

  1. Alec,

    How the hell are you? What’s your freaking email address. Where are your seats at Yankee Stadium, how many do you have, and how much are the tickets?

    I love your new house – seems…..carefree.

    Here’s my work email:

    You were in Baltimore and didn’t call me – loser.


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