Kindle Review

I’ve had my kindle about three weeks now and if you are on the fence about getting one…go get it. I was unconvinced until a friend who reads a lot unexpectedly raved about his. It pushed me over the edge to buy one.

The Good:

  • The wireless works everywhere so far
  • It worked well at the beach in direct sun light
  • I read more of both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal
  • Ordering new books is quick and easy. For example as we sat on the ground at the airport in DC
  • I take it everywhere because it is small and light
  • Good battery life with the wireless off

The Bad:

  • Images from the NYT and WSJ look horrible
  • The navigation through the papers is so so. I would like to customize how I read through the paper not the way they have it programed.
  • The back cover comes off from time to time when it is in the leather case

If I had to chose between my backberry and the kindle. The kindle would win.