iPhone Review

I broke down this weekend, joined the masses, and got an iPhone. I loved how easy it was to order the phone from the Apple web site. I had heard stories of friends that had issues at ATT stores but it took me literally 10 minutes on the Apple site and another 10 minutes at the Apple store on 14th Street to pick it up. Dave my sales person was great, gave me a few tips, and off I went. I liked my Verizon Blackberry but the call of the App Store had become too great. I read up on the Blackberry Storm and while it seemed to have a better camera and data entry capabilities it did not have the App Exchange or WiFi which were key to my decision.  There is no question that Verizon has a better network so I’ll have to live with ATT and its limitations. I’m only three days in so I’ll let you know how it goes down the road.

I like:

  1. That the UI is so much nicer than my Verizon Blackberry
  2. The App store Rocks – Shazam is my favorite so far
  3. GPS based maps and services
  4. Visual voice mail

I don’t like:

  1. Battery Life – Wifi burns the battery
  2. Keyboard intensive actions as my fingers keep fat fingering the keys
  3. ATT’s Edge network is slow