Goodbye 2009…

2009 was a great year but I’m looking forward to 2010.

2009 Travel Recap:

  • 121 Days on the Road
  • 4 countries (only one new…need to work on that in 2010)
  • Finally found the perfect bag for my 3 day road life

2009 Tech Recap:

  • Made the switch to an iphone but I HATE ATT as all I do is drop calls
  • After a long dismissive break in period fell in love with Twitter
  • Sold a lot of Kindles on flights across the US. There is nothing better than having the NYT and WSJ at the ready for the 6a flight out of BTV

2009 Alec Recap:

  • Braeburn St. and S. Burlington finally feels like home after 7 years on Willard St. in Burlington
  • Made it to the gym for regular beatings by Virgina most weeks despite the hectic travel schedule. (You know your life has changed when you pass on grabbing a beer with the crew so you can get a decent workout in)
  • Milton and life on the lake have become the place to relax with family and friends