A New Year and less of…

Welcome to 2011. I hope you enjoyed and had a prosperous 2010. I certainly did. Many folks seem to rant about all the things they plan to add to the list in 2011. I’m going to focus on what I’m going to do less of.

1. Less travel. 2010 found me traveling almost every week and many times 5 solid days on the road. I plan to get reacquainted with the phone and Skype video conferences.

2. Cut the time wasters. I wasted prodigious amounts of time in 2010 on poorly run meetings, vague agendas, and pleasant accommodations of pointless meetings. There will be less of that in 2011.

3. Getting run by my inbox. Google Priority Inbox has been a huge help in 2010 but I need to get even better in 2011. At 250+ emails a day getting waylaid by the latest Lifehacker or SAI email can be a huge time suck. I’ve tried all kinds of systems but the one I’m using the most now is unsubscribing.

4. Over scheduling. It is easier to say Yes. Sure I’ll do that. I can help. When the better answer is sorry I’m booked. I over booked 2010 and spread myself thin. Focus brings results and I looking forward to a more focused and less over booked 2011.

This list could continue on but then that would be more when we are focused on less. I truly wish you and yours all the best in 2011. You won’t find me in your local airport lounge in 2011 so lets both pick up the phone and catch up the old fashion way.


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