NikePlus Sports Watch Review

NikePlus Sportwatch

NikePlus Sportwatch

I’ve been trying to run more. It is one of the few things I can do on the road without excuses. After talking with a co-worker who really loved her nike+ but used a separate GPS I decided to make the plunge. First, the watch is expensive at $199 but you get nike+ and a TomTom GPS.

I like:

– The band, very comfortable

– Simple interface

– The pace function has been a big help in my running as I’m slower than molasses

– The reminders such as, “are we going running today?”

What needs improvement:

– The charger. It is USB only and has no wall option. Not great for the road when my laptop slots are full

– You need to plug it in to get some settings like intervals. It would be nice to have that option to turn that on or off on watch

– The time display is a little funky as in you will love it or hate it. Another format might be nice.

Would I buy it again: YES, It has helped me run faster and now if it could just shock me out of bed on a rainy 6am I’d be all set…

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