Cory and Thomas Wedding, Party under the Tent

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My best man speech…

It is great to see this tent filled with Cory and Thomas’ family and friends from down the road, and those who have crossed half the world to be here; Tushar from Nepal, Lindsay and Nie from England. There is nothing that means more to Thomas and Cory then being surrounded by a sea of smiling faces of people they love.


A deep thank you to Cory’s family for hosting this spectacular event at their lovely VT home. As Cory’s Mom said earlier all the preparation was a great team building exercise that brought both families even closer together. Plus, I learned a lot of embarrassing Simon-Knowles family stories.


As to Stories, I could regale you with the tale of how Thomas and Cory met at a Bar here in VT, or the hike where they went swimming with the naked yoga guy. But I won’t. Instead I’d like to say more personal words…


First to Cory. You are a wonderful addition to the Newcomb family and we all feel very lucky that we get to share you. I appreciate that I now have an ally in giving my father a hard time around the dinner table. More importantly you have been an amazing partner to my brother. You helped him grow and mature and even better got him to shave… Welcome… I can say for all the Newcomb’s thank you for putting up with us and loving Thomas so brightly as you do.


Now to Thomas. I must admit that I was a little bummed when Thomas left VT to head west to San Francisco. But Wow! What wings you grew while you were gone. My little brother all grown up, with a masters degree, a great job, a cool dog, and now marrying the love of his life.


So, Raise your glasses and let us toast; to Thomas and Cory. For all that they have accomplished together, as they entwined their roots and fell in love, and for all that they will yet inspire us to, as we support them in their marriage.


With Love…Cheers!