Spotify Review

I was an early Spotify listener as I simply paid the full boat $9.99 package. I’ve been using it about 50% of the time vs. my usual listening to on the Sonos.

The good:

– I love being able to hear an entire album of new music start to finish without buying the album. Then typically I find myself buying the tracks I want. I travel too much to not have music loaded on my ipad for those flights where you are stuck in a middle seat for 2 hours on the ramp at o’hare. Plus, it is important to support the artists I like.

– The ability to send music like email is fantastic. I need to use it more. I see a lot of possibilities with this over time.

– Browsing others playlists on facebook is nice but can also be scary to see what your co-workers are listen to.

The bad:

– Hard to manage music. It loads your playlists from iTunes but it does not really work. You need the ability to buy a track and add to iTunes playlist/library directly. Ie set one master library rather than having two.

– They don’t have all the music you want to hear.

– Their new music area can be shallow with the same set of albums coming up. I’m sure they will improve the music discovery. It needs to learn like or itunes what you listen to and like. If they merged with and 8tracks I’d be in heaven.

In the end I would recommend Spotify. It remains to be seen if I’ll be paying for it in six months with Apple’s cloud service coming out or drop down to the free level and lose the ability to play Spotify on the Sonos.