Four goals for 2012

Before we get into the 2012 list we need to hold up the mirror on my 2011 goals and take count. 2011 was a year of less; I did 55 days on the road for work which was down by more than 1/2 over 2010, I only made halting progress on time wasters so partial fail there, I won my email war which has really changed how I work, and I failed on over scheduling as there is still too much to do and not enough time in a day to get it done. So, I’d give my self a 70% or  C on the 2011 curve.


  1. More personal Travel. As a family we use to travel every other year at Christmas and I’m campaigning for a return to travel. Vietnam is high on my list and my goal for xmass 2012. I hope we can get my Dad and Uncle both Vietnam veterans to make the trip as I think seeing the country through their eyes would add so much more to the experience.
  2. Lose 20 Pounds. I’m down 8 and have 12 to go. This is mostly about building better habits. Like not eating crap on the road. To help the process I ordered the elliptical yesterday. I figured if I’m going to watch any HBO episodes in 2012 I might as well be sweating.
  3. A Book a Week. I love to read. I read a ton of work related books in 2011. I’m going to take a broader reading tour in 2012. Some  classics I’ve never read, more fiction, and biographies.
  4. Learn to play guitar.  My friend Keith helped me buy a very nice Taylor guitar in 2011. Now I need to learn how to play it. My old excuse was I can’t sing so why play. In 2012 I already have a set of songs to work on so it is time to build the corresponding calluses.
I look forward to seeing you in 2012. Pls. send me your reading and song suggestions.