It happened, again…I’m 41

It happened, again. Against all better planning another year has passed and last month I got irrevocably older. My 40th was a blast for a long list of reasons but mostly spending time with people I like/love/admire. But 41 is weighing on me. Mostly because Quicken keeps telling me that I should plan on living till 82 which means I’m at the midway point on the journey.

In general I’m not a big fan of celebrating my birthday. Never have been. I don’t like the fuss. The best birthday wish I got this year was from an old co-worker: Happy Birthday (EOM), you have to love programmers. They are efficient.

To keep this wandering mind on track, I make lists. I have one called Life. It’s been pretty much unchanged for years but I’ll occasionally tinker with a line or two. Its inspired by Robert Fulghum whom I stumbled upon in College and has graced the bookshelf since. There are many days I fall short but this list is one of my favorite possessions as it helps remind me of the choices that only I can make each day.


Photo Credit: Trey Radcliff, Road to Aoriki

Since we are at the mathematical halfway point it is time to share it with you..

  1. Live Well
  2. Make a dent in the universe
  3. Build great companies
  4. See the World
  5. Listen better
  6. Write More
  7. Run More
  8. Book a week – 52
  9. Meet my partner
  10. Give more than you get
  11. 6 weeks of vacation

Now comes the hard part. It has been a wonderful adventure to this point but our time together is finite. So, stop by and have a beer on the porch here in Dover, NH. Come join us for the next travel adventure. Send me a link to that great book you just read. Or shush me when I talk over you and hold up five fingers. But most of all lets take the long way home so we can spend a little more time on the journey rather than the destination. There are many adventures to be had together and our time is what we make it.

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