Thomas and I got to catch Jason Mraz when we were out in Vegas at the Palms. The venue is called the Pearl and there is not a bad seat in the house. Jason played a nice set with a few great covers. He had a three piece horn section which was a lot of fun.


With all the travel of late I’ve been enjoying the following tunes:

Las Vegas…For the Week.

I like Las Vegas for a weekend. Good Eats. Great people watching. Fun spots to go dancing and it stays up late like NYC. After a few days though it can get to me as the city is basically designed to clean out your pockets and send you home broke. I don’t gamble as I just don’t get any enjoyment out of it. If I’m going to play a card game I’ll do it with folks I like.

I’m here with most of my staff and a good showing of our company for our big industry trade show. Lots of long days but I have to say with a very fun crew. I brought the video camera so I’ll see if I get any worthy footage.