Music: Save Your Eyes

Some new tunes from the last few weeks. Wipe your eyes and get your ears on. The William Fitzsimmons remixes are genius and Deer Tick is now a band I want to try to catch live. The most interesting find was Kid Cudi who’s album, Man On the Moon: The End of Day, I’m still digesting.

New Tunes: Sunday Plays 12.6.09

Sunday Plays 12.6.09

This playlist is built around Joss Stones new single; Free Me with support from OneRepublic, The Noises 10, Sting, Imogen Heap, Never Shout Never, Etta James, and John Mayer.

The rules: I have to use new music to my library since my last playlist. Thanks to for allowing me to share. Bummer that they were purchased by Apple on Friday but we will see what Steve and Co. do with this little gem.

You can also play it on 8Tracks.