Seacoast Fall 2022

Friends round the firepit in the backyard

It has been way too long since I posted but that is the joys of having a 16 month old. Fall has arrived on the NH seacoast and we are doing are best to enjoy it. Apple picking, fall cooking, and friends around the firepit.

Enjoy your fall. May it be filled with new adventures with old friends.

Summer 2020

It has been a strange summer of 2020.

The Good:

  • Working from home is the new normal and my neighbors think I’m a little less crazy
  • I love cooking more at home. New recipes, more items from scratch, and slowly getting to be a better cook.
  • More family time here in NH and up at the lake

The Bad:

  • I miss traveling. For work, long weekend get away’s, quarterly trips to Europe. Even just down to NYC.
  • All my neighbors and clients that have been impacted by Covid and many more that will be. It kills me to see all the closed small businesses. Restaurants that will never reopen. Lives disrupted in the most unusual of ways week after week.
  • The abject lack of political leadership. On the local level here in NH. On the national level. This is a once in a lifetime crises yet petty politics and partisan sound bites are all we hear from both sides. We must do better.

Stay safe.