Welcome to 2019…Goodbye 2018

Strasbourg, France

Hello from Strasbourg, France

2018 was an Amazing year filled with lots of adventures:

  • Getting Married to my beloved fellow adventurer Ashley Newcomb

Wedding Day, my Mom and Ashley’s Nieces

  • Amazing trips to Paris, Barcelona, Piedmont, Lisbon, Munich, and Strasbourg France
Ashley in Petite France, Strasbourg

Petite France, Strasbourg


Web Summit 2018

Glenn and I in Lisbon for Web Summit 2018

  • Lots of baseball from the World Series in Boston to Bachelor party at Yankees stadium, and then getting Rockies Stadium crossed off the Baseball Stadium bucket list
Baseball Bachelor Beverages

Baseball Bachelor Beverages at old haunts in NYC

  • And a few good practical jokes on dear friends 🙂
Audi Unicorns

Unicorns come to Rolf’s Audi


A lot to be Thankful for in 2018. Wishing you and yours all the best for your adventures in 2019…



Music Update

I don’t want you to be concerned but I have been listening to a lot of Country music on No Shoes Radio on SiriusXM lately.  Maybe it was the great trip we had to Nashville that changed my ears as Country music has never been my thing but I keep coming back to the eclectic playlist on NSR. First of all, it has lots of live tracks and second, it does not repeat too often which makes great listening on long road trips.

So in the spirit of NSR here are a few country songs that have been bending my ear of late:

I don’t watch much TV but I might enjoy seeing Blake and Adam battle it out on the Voice 🙂

Justin and Chris just kill it…

This is where it might get uncomfortable for you. I LOVE the lyrics of this Luke Combs song. Its ok if you have to unfriend me on Twitter and Facebook…it is what it is…

And my favorite Kenny Chesney song with Vermont’s own Grace Potter…