Music Update

I don’t want you to be concerned but I have been listening to a lot of Country music on No Shoes Radio on SiriusXM lately.  Maybe it was the great trip we had to Nashville that changed my ears as Country music has never been my thing but I keep coming back to the eclectic playlist on NSR. First of all, it has lots of live tracks and second, it does not repeat too often which makes great listening on long road trips.

So in the spirit of NSR here are a few country songs that have been bending my ear of late:

I don’t watch much TV but I might enjoy seeing Blake and Adam battle it out on the Voice 🙂

Justin and Chris just kill it…

This is where it might get uncomfortable for you. I LOVE the lyrics of this Luke Combs song. Its ok if you have to unfriend me on Twitter and Facebook…it is what it is…

And my favorite Kenny Chesney song with Vermont’s own Grace Potter…

Add a little Merry into your Season

Too much fake news in your life lately? Down on the internet… here are a few clips to add a smile to the end of your 2016:

Wait for 2:08 its worth it…



If you feel like doing a little good on the internet all donations to Khan Academy are being matched through Dec 31st…


Merry…Merry to you and yours…may there be song, smiles, and learning in your 2017!

Thankful for…


Photo Credit: T.E.A. Photography

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite Holiday. This year instead of the usual family meal and then Turkey2 on Saturday with friends we are headed to Montreal for four days to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

It is easy for me in our always on world to forget all the things I am thankful for. So, it no particular order in 2016 I am thankful for:

  • Living in the United States of America. The election may not have gone the way I would want but the optimism and the people of our country energize me everyday. I have been fortunate to spend 200+ days a year on planes talking, laughing, and meeting people from all over our country. From guys who mine gold in Alaska to grandmothers taking their first flight to go see a new grandchild. I’m thankful for all those conversations to understand a little better this place called home.
  • Modern Travel. I often do the drive from NH to VT thinking about ancestors who must have made the trek on horse back over days if not weeks during mud season. Now I can fly across the country in 6 hours and most of the world in 18+.
  • Music. It is rare that the Sonos is not playing in the house or office. Between Spotify and Apple I can listen to anything I want for the grand total of $18 a month. Humbling to have all that at your fingertips vs fast forwarding cassette tapes to hear the track you wanted.
  • My Kindle has changed my life. No more dragging a stack of books around. Bored with my current read? There are 4.6 Million ebook a click away.
  • Dagny my lab rescue. Dogs are great teachers of many things but each week I’m thankful for her sharing that unbridled joy of just running along the trail, getting dirty, and playing as only a dog can.
  • The people in my life that hold me accountable. We are all working to get better. That is the fun part of being human…our imperfections. But the world is a deeper and richer place when you have folks to challenge you to dig deeper, work harder, and be the better version of you.
  • All the service people that are the masters of my mundane. It is a long list but I’m thankful for their efforts and assistance to keep me fed, clothed, and on the road.
  • The kids (Simon, Albie, Roj) in my life who let me play trains, blocks, and countless other games. Life is way more fun looking up from the ground and getting dirty playing is important…so thanks.
  • As I get older the less I know. Those absolutes of my 20’s are more complex and interesting at 40. Often I’m the student and occasionally the teacher but my love of learning only grows and for that I’m the most thankful.

I wish you and yours the very best on this Thanksgiving 2016. I appreciate you taking the time to read down this far and I hope we cross paths soon but if we don’t  I’ll see you back here from time to time.