Fall in VT

I love fall as it is my favorite season. Even though I’m going to be on the road a bit over the next couple of months I really look forward to playing outside this time of year. Odin and I just went for a walk through the fields out around Condoville. Rising Moon over camels hump, sky filled with stars, and cool crisp air as we are going to get into the 40’s tonight. Out come the gloves.

Off to NYC tomorrow for the last game in Yankee Stadium and then Ad Week. I’ll post pictures from the road.

April Notes

I’ll admit I have not been doing well with my goal of blogging more so I’ll give you a bulk update.

Had a great vacation in Hong Kong with Adam, Al, and Karen. Took two trips to mainland China and one day trip to Macau.

Work is still a blast and I have been traveling most weeks hitting Chicago, NYC, Vegas, Minneapolis, California, Texas, and Baltimore. Tried to catch the opening day of baseball at Yankee stadium but Glenn and I got rained out. Hopefully we will get All Star tickets so we can catch the game. Drop me a line if you want any Yankees tickets as we have been selling them on stubhub.com which has been working quite well. Not sure where are season tickets will be in the new stadium but I’m going to miss the old stadium as there are a lot of good memories held in that place. I remember the days when we only had funds for a beer or a hot dog. I’ll let you guess which won out.

I’m moving to South Burlington from my house in Burlington. While I love being able to walk downtown I just don’t have the time and energy for all the up keep on the old Victorian and the Apartments. So, down sizing and heading to suburbia. It is new construction so I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Odin has been loving the warm weather and he hit the lake this weekend for a swim up in Milton.