2015 Travel Recap

I have done a horrible job at keeping my blog updated in 2015 so I’ll try to see you here weekly in 2016. Let’s start with a 2015 travel recap. In 2015 I racked serious personal travel miles starting with Bejing China in Feb:


In March my first visit to Singapore to meet a great group of like minded Entrepreneurs.  Auckland in April for my first to New Zealand. Then our family trip in May to the Nordics starting in the classic city of Copenhagen:



I have to say I then fell hard in love with Stockholm, Sweden:


Next we enjoyed a few days in Helsinki, Finland:


And a great day trip to Tallinn Estonia which you need to visit


Keeping with the Nordic theme made it to Iceland in July for an amazing long weekend. I would highly recommend a visit to this wonderful island of great people and outdoor adventures.


Add some hiking with the team in Romania and live music in Covent Gardens, London and you get an amazing travel year.


See you for more travel adventures in 2016…


Travel Update – Europe Pictures

I promised pictures from the European adventure and here they are a little tardy:

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Four goals for 2012

Before we get into the 2012 list we need to hold up the mirror on my 2011 goals and take count. 2011 was a year of less; I did 55 days on the road for work which was down by more than 1/2 over 2010, I only made halting progress on time wasters so partial fail there, I won my email war which has really changed how I work, and I failed on over scheduling as there is still too much to do and not enough time in a day to get it done. So, I’d give my self a 70% or  C on the 2011 curve.


  1. More personal Travel. As a family we use to travel every other year at Christmas and I’m campaigning for a return to travel. Vietnam is high on my list and my goal for xmass 2012. I hope we can get my Dad and Uncle both Vietnam veterans to make the trip as I think seeing the country through their eyes would add so much more to the experience.
  2. Lose 20 Pounds. I’m down 8 and have 12 to go. This is mostly about building better habits. Like not eating crap on the road. To help the process I ordered the elliptical yesterday. I figured if I’m going to watch any HBO episodes in 2012 I might as well be sweating.
  3. A Book a Week. I love to read. I read a ton of work related books in 2011. I’m going to take a broader reading tour in 2012. Some  classics I’ve never read, more fiction, and biographies.
  4. Learn to play guitar.  My friend Keith helped me buy a very nice Taylor guitar in 2011. Now I need to learn how to play it. My old excuse was I can’t sing so why play. In 2012 I already have a set of songs to work on so it is time to build the corresponding calluses.
I look forward to seeing you in 2012. Pls. send me your reading and song suggestions.