TSA & Travel

I’ve been on the road a good bit these last few weeks. This week it was Houston, Baltimore, and NYC. The TSA is a classic government bureaucracy that continues to expand. This week I heard about no batteries in checked luggage.  Ok, let me get this correct Dell can ship hundreds of laptops in cargo on a flight but I can’t pack an extra battery?

I read this great NYT Blog on the TSA and got fired up again. I see all the time TSA personnel taking liquid from parents with children. The apple juice for the 3 year old is not going to endanger the plane and If you think it really is why are you throwing it in the garbage?

Plus the rules and instructions differ from airport to airport. With some of the smaller ones being the worst. As a business traveler I rarely get a second screening but if you are a Sikh in the Kalamazoo airport your going to get patted down again. Is this America? Why aren’t we speaking up against these mind numbing agencies taking over our daily lives?

It is simply theater for the American public. You can send a package and it won’t be checked on an airplane but watch out for the apple juice carrying kids.

Why do we have to take off our shoes? Because of Richard Reid, back in 2001… Or to sell more equipment to the TSA?

Why can’t we take liquid on a plane? Because of an inaccurate British report in 2006 that has been proved unfounded.

Do we care? Or have we been ground down to no long question? I say we start posting videos on You Tube of the TSA and the crazy things we see as travlers. Ohh, sorry we can’t do that as it is a security risk.