Back in VT. My tan seems out of place with all this rain. The trip was fun, relaxing, and just enjoyable.

You know that your going to Europe because you get silverware on the plane. We rode in baggage on Iberia over but I knew it was all good as we got real silverware and you could actually eat what was served. On the trip home we managed Business class as American still loves me a bit and the gap between back and front was huge. It just seems to be growing.

We started in Madrid for three days. Another big city that was nicer than I remembered it from my last visit ten years ago. We maximized time outside as the weather was glorious. We made camp at the Hotel Urban which I would recommend as it has a solid location and the breakfast was to die for(as a guy who rarely does breakfast). The pool/deck on the roof is a great spot to rest tired feet.

You also know you are in Europe when you take a train from Madrid to Barcelona and it just puts our Acela to shame. It was on time. Clean. The staff was friendly even to Americans. You got breakfast and a reserved seat for less than a similar trip from Boston to NY state side. Why can’t we get a long distance train that works?

We, rented an Apt. in Barcelona and it was a wash. Good location by the beach, outfitted with all you need, but; very small, on the ground floor at street level, and with no outside space at all. I would rent an Apt again as the economics were great but with every building in our block with a balcony I had balcony envy. Next time a balcony to hang on and watch life pass by.

We caught a Barcelona Soccer game at Camp Nou. Which was amazing and even cooler since they just went to the Champions League(which the won). Us Yankee fans are tame compared to the Barcelona fans. Surprising there were lots of kids in attendance. We bought two tickets off a season ticket holder and were surprised with great seats.

Then the next day we joined 1.5 million folks on the streets to celebrate their entry into the finals. It was cool to see everyone so excited and packing the streets to catch a site of the team.

More to come…