Tunes of late…

Lots of travel of late so I’ve been downloading music most Sunday’s to get ready for the week on the road. As the plane ride is always better with good music.

  • Break Up by Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson. It has legs and some good loops. It has gotten some flack for being too bubbly and shallow but it is good music to bounce your way through being sandwiched in the middle seat on a flight to NYC.
  • Winter by Jon Foreman. It is sparse. Clean and the lyrics are worth a listen. I’m not sure I’d buy the entire album again more likely just the tracks: I Am Still Running and Learning How to Die.
  • Two tracks from Nelly Furtado’s new album: Silencio and Manos al Aire.
  • I’m not loving Get Lucky which is Mark Knopfler new album but to be fair I’ve only given it a shallow listen. The majority of tracks sound flat.
  • Build Me This by Joshua James. Just listen to Coal War. Speaks for it self.
  • Bomb In a Birdcage by A Fine Frenzy. Genius. If you only get one album on this list this is the one to get. I love the song Electric Twist. Some of the old guard aren’t loving the updated sound but I like electronica so this album is nothing but a pleasure.
  • The Scene of the Crime by Bettye LaVette. Caught her live this summer but just picked up her album. Not bad for 63 years young.
  • Etana’s song I Am Not Afraid for a Reggae track.

May you enjoy them from the middle seat 30,000 feet up…