Tunes Update…

The new stuff currently in my Ipod Mini:

  • Jessy Moss – Two tracks off: Street Knuckles, Telling You Now & Owed a Living
  • The Hushed Sound – Goodbye Blues: I’m lukewarm on this album, some stellar tracks and some over done poorly written tracks
  • The Weepies – Hideway: Just go buy the album and if you don’t have there other stuff go grab it as well. Perfect lazy Sunday music with great harmonies and good lyrics
  • Madrid de Los Austrias – Buscando (Karuan vs. Circus Remix): Electronica with a great groove
  • Parov Stelar – Seven and Storm: Down tempo electronica thought it gets going for the last four tracks
  • StĂ©phane Pompougnac – Hello Mademoiselle: This is the new album of choice in the Z4 with the top down. Plus it makes me want to go to France.
  • Low vs. Diamond – Low vs. Diamond: I want to go see them live as I hear they put on a good show and the album is a solid effort worth buying
  • Om: Chilled which is a great electronica compilation album(and yes I’m on a bit if an electronica kick of late)
  • Waldeck – Make My Day: Earthy electronica
  • Naomi – Aquarium: Love his voice and with tracks like, “A Perfect Day in Hell” how can you go wrong 🙂