Tools to save you time

Time is a precious commodity that we all struggle to manage wisely. Here are a few tools to save you a little bit so you can spend more time with the people who matter.

  • If This Then That – Automation Recipes for 272 services you use everyday. I love some of the home ones.
  • Echo/Alexa – Always at the ready and is super helpful when your hands are busy cooking in the kitchen.
  • Waze – A smarter way to help get you from point A to B.
  • MileIQ – If you need to keep track of your mileage expense this App saves me a ton of time every month.
  • MixMax – If you are a gmail user this tool gives you a range of superpowers.  The biggest one I use is the ability to send open times from your calendar to set a meeting.
  • OneTab – Helps you focus and reduces all those open browser tabs.